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My trip to the Philippines

Last month I visited the Philippines for the 1st time! I needed a splash of warm weather, crystal blue water and some me time away from the cold winter in Tokyo.

I was staying on Boracay, a tiny island (only 10.32 square kilometers!) off the coast of Malay.

It was definitely the most beautiful beach destination I had ever visited, The water was just as clear as what you see on Google images and I was highly impressed.

I of course solo traveled, because I don't like to wait on anyone else's schedule and I am very price conscious when it comes to travel, which is how I am able to afford traveling abroad so frequently. For this trip (hotel for 6 nights and flight) I paid around ¥73,000 ($481), though if I could do a repeat I would have chosen a better hotel!

I loved drinking a coconut by the beach. I am a reformed picky eater and had never tried drinking coconut water until my last trip to Thailand December 2023.

What was so healing about this trip was I really got to sit down and think about how I want the rest of my year to go- in regards to KO Vintage, my personal life, my work life and my health/well-being. I guess I have been more intentional with the planning of my life and what I want to accomplish and that has a lot to do with the fact I'm turning 30 this year!

I do feel like this trip served as a great reset for the rest of the year because the first couple of months of the year were just not going my way, coupled with the cold weather it really was affecting my mood.

Now I am seeing better results for my business as of late and I really want to run with it and create more content, buy and sell more vintage and interact with my customers in a more meaningful way.

in the Philippines, they call a coconut 'buko'.

best combination is a seafood and BBQ, tooooo good.

I really just want to continue to grow my business, eat and drink well, travel to new destinations, buy pretty vintage clothes for myself and save money all at the same tie.I am so dedicated to making myself happy this year and I hope you all choose to do the same too!

God bless, more KO fun stuff coming at you soon!



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