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Travel: Ishigaki Island and more!

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Since quitting my toxic work environment, I I was blessed enough to receive an offer from another company with a higher salary and title!

I feel hopeful at this new chapter in my life and looking forward to a new environment where I can be comfortable and succeed.

To celebrate my boyfriend took me on a trip to Ishigaki Island, my second trip to Okinawa in the past two months.

I had never actually stayed on Ishigaki so I was excited to explore and see what it had to offer. Unfortunately a lot of activities were closed due to rising COVID cases on the island, but we made due with what we had and had a good time at that!

Here is a breakdown of my outfits, the food and things we did in Ishigaki!

The Outfits

As you can see my new Bottega Veneta mesh pumps were the real MVP this trip and I wanted to make sure I incorporated them into many of my looks since they were so damn expensive!

The honorable mention for outfit planning was Aliexpress- yes I know I am an advocate against fast fashion, but for vacation looks for cheap you really cant beat them. I usually only buy 2-3 a year and use them during summer before either donating them or trashing them due to the not-so-good quality. My black dress, white dress, and gray skirt are all from Aliexpress.

The Food

Like I mentioned before many restaurants we wanted to try weren't open which sucked a lot but luckily our hotel had a nice restaurant and we were able to have a couple of dinners there during our trip!

The Views

Not much I need to write here, just look at the scenery!

Island hopping

We spent time on two different islands other than Ishigaki- Hatarenuma and Taketomi. The ride to Hatarenuma was hellish with the boat being smaller and being caught by strong waves but it was worth it because of the animals on the island!

I am hoping the next trip I document will be abroad and now that Japan is starting to vaccinate. What country are you itching to visit when the travel restrictions loosen?


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