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Travel: Kohama Island

Just returned from my first vacation in a while and my first time flying since the pandemic shut everything down last year.

I went to Kohama Island, a small island in Okinawa that rich with farmland and natural beaches.

The Hotel

I stayed at Canaan Coffee and Hotel, a hotel offering vegan food options, a beautiful view of the sea and a plethora of animals nearby to interact with.

My favorite were these two cats (affectionately named Shiro and Mocha) who were sort of mascots of the hotel. I brung cat snacks with me and after the first night of doling them out to the feline pair, they were at my door every night for more treats 😭

The beaches in Kohama are breathtaking and along with enjoying the nice weather, I was able to bring out some of the KO stock for 'The Summer Edit' coming this month and take some photos on the beach!

There isnt much else to do on Kohama except going to the beach or taking long walks and enjoying nature, but thats what I set out to do on this trip. If you are looking for a simple, beautiful, quiet destination with good weather, Kohama or any surrounding island would be ideal.

Here are some more photos from my time there!

still don't know what this fruit is called. it isn't a pineapple but resembles one quite closely!

Mai and I 💘

inside the hotel lobby

this shy black kitten was so cute but afraid, so I had to throw it some food.

he chased me when I got too close 😂

a beautiful nearby resort where we had drinks and walked the extensive grounds

100% vegan

view from balcony

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