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My Sourcing Trip to Harajuku

What can I say? I went to Harajuku for lunch and ended up with a pair of FW18 Prada flame heels. They will be available in the next drop, happening this Saturday at 12 noon EST.

I saw many other great items, but didn't pick them up, if you see anything in the photos you want me to retrieve, please let me know. Prices will be on each item.

Bro, if these were in my size, I'd be keeping them 😩, but some lucky lady who wears size 37 enjoy! They will be available in Saturdays drop happening at 12 noon EST ✨

Super rare Margiela Tabi socks boots with rubber sole. These are one of a kind! Size 37. Price: $490

Supreme x Jean Paul Gaultier collaboration pants. Size 32. Price: $525

Maison Margiela dres. unique design with one half being leather and the other a chiffon material. Size: 40 Price: $400

So many Fendi purses, the prices were a bit much and I know how to get Fendi bag cheaper than what I saw in this store. Please do reach out if you're looking for any Fendi purses, I would be happy to help.

Absolutely gorgeous. Its one of those bags you definitely don't need, but at the same time you do!

I wonder how the licensing meeting went in order to give us this shirt lol.

I went to Casanova Vintage, one of the most reputable places in Tokyo to buy designer vintage, particularly handbags. They are very pricey so it was mainly a visit for inspiration. I think I may have to come back and see if those lime green shades are still there though...

Saw this very unique Margiela clutch bag, I really liked it and wanted to see if maybe I could add it to my bag collection. I definitely want to source more unique bags with different textures to my closet and also to KO.

I will try to post more about my sourcing trips and what I've

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