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Vintage Shopping in Tokyo

Today before work I had an urge to visit Koenji, a neighborhood in Tokyo known for its numerous vintage clothing stores.

I live in Shimokitzawa which is undoubtedly the competitor of Koenji in terms of buying vintage, but lately in has been inundated with tourists and has had a major transformation and modernization in order to attract tourism (the Shimokita I saw from 5 years ago looks completely different from what it is now), But with Koenji as I was walking around, I didn't notice any other foreigners, no one taking pictures or anyone who was noticeably a tourist.

It could have been that I went on a Monday around 12 noon, but it was almost completely devoid of people. Which I love.

I saw some amazing clothes, and I really have to emphasize the denim that I saw there, I have been struggling to find a replacement for my favorite pair of vintage Levi's which ripped not too long ago. In Koenji there was a plethora of old denim with prices ranging from ¥1300 (less than $10!) to in the high five figures (¥88,000 was the highest price I saw today for a pair of Levi's from the 1960s!)

they cost $40, but I knew the tailoring bill would cost more than that :/

I was going to buy these and then realized there was a whole in the crotch area! I was so sad and didn't pick them up because of it.

And then I found these... and my life felt complete.

I walked into Don Don Down (the name of the store, definitely visit, they have amazing menswear there!) and immediately saw these hanging up on display. I thought, "theres no way these will fit me, they'll be too small". Anyway I said why not try them on and Y'ALL.

They are literally perfect! Heres how I styled them when I got home:

I am obsessed with how the bottom of these pants fall over any shoe- heels and sneakers alike.

While I was there I saw also really good menswear, guys coming to Tokyo for shopping definitely tap in and visit Koenji!

Genuine leather pants for under $60! This pair was Agnes B.


brand new with tags! come on!

cute little corner!

if you are a Supreme head, Tokyo is gonna be heaven for you!

I've been really wanting this bag lately, and I am hoping to find one more affordable (this one is $800) before my Europe trip in June. This one is in really good condition too!

I was also obsessed with this Tiffany dollar sign necklace, how sick is this??? Such a sick piece.

kind of wanted the Gucci choker but it was so tarnished. Does anyone have any tips on how to clean 925 silver? I may go back for it...

Well thats all for today folks, I hope you enjoyed coming with me on my little shopping day, have a great week!



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22 ene

This was extremely helpful on my vintage/thrift search of Tokyo! Thank you very much! You’re doing great work here. I love your style 🫶🏾

Me gusta
Contestando a

Thank you so much for your comment! I hope you had a good time in Tokyo :)

Me gusta
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