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What I wore in Korea

Hey guys! I'm finally back from my Seoul trip and here's what I wore during my stay! Stay tuned to see what fashion and skincare items I picked up there as well!

Top: reworked Chanel Sport dust bag by doitgoodproject

Pants: Japanese flea market

Shoes: Rick Owens (1st picture) and Prada (subsequent pictures)

Bag: Dior

Dress: Skims

Bag: Fendi

Necklace: beadsbyedie

Top: Supreme

Skirt: American Apparel

Shoes: Rick Owens

Bag: Dior

Sunglasses: Chanel

Coat: Vintage

Top: Jean Paul Gaultier

Shorts: Vintage Levis

Shoes: Rick Owens

Bag: Fendi

Dress: Cotton Citizen

Bag: Fendi

Shoes: Rick Owens

So basically my Ricks were the real MVP this trip lol. It was really hard to walk in my Pradas and only wore them out once. Korea has many hills so if you're thinking of visiting wear comfy sneakers because walking around was a struggle 😭.

My most rare and expensive bag got to go on my Seoul trip! Although I didn't wear her much (only one day) it was nice to take her on an international trip! Let's see which bags and shoes make it to my next trip, EUROPE!!! I am so excited to share what I buy there and what I wear in each city I visit.

Stay tuned for my blog posts on each city I visit and expect a very nice restock when I'm back in June!


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