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Vintage shopping guide: Paris

Let's start off by saying two full days in Paris is just not enough and I feel cheated 😭. If you want to enjoy all the shopping and museums Paris has to offer, book for at least 4 full days.

With that being said, the shops I did get a chance to visit were absolutely amazing! I ran into many select vintage shops which had hand picked designer vintage pieces. This type of shopping experience is better in my opinion because the pieces are already picked out and you don't have to search through a lot of junk just to find one good piece.

Here are the places I visited:

1. Paris Paris

This shop is located on 32 Rue des Vinaigriers and there were really lovely young women working there. The shop had unbranded vintage pieces as well as vintage items from brand such as D&G, Kenzo, Gucci and Prada. They also had a nice selection of vintage denim (Levi's and other brands) as well as some bomber jackets which were beautiful! Definitely visit this shop if you are in Paris (by appointment, through IG DM).

2. Palace Callas

This shop is located on 16 rue du Pont Louis-Philippe. They had an amazing collection of vintage jewelry including these Chanel pirate earrings. They had brand such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Miu Miu, Dior, and vintage pieces in amazing condition! I picked up a pair if early 2000s Dolce and Gabbana pants, styled in this photo with my new the Attico heels.

They fit like a glove, and look great with heels!

3. Nuovo

This shop is located on 130 Rue de Turenne. I think this place was the most affordable of all the places I visited and carried the same types of brands such as Dolce and Gabanna, Vivienne Tam, Missoni, and Roberto Cavalli. The also had a great selection of vintage leather cowboy boots. I picked up a unique Custo Barcelona skirt, which I will be selling in our next KO Vintage restock!

4. Erem

Erem Vintage is located on 132 Rue de Turenne, and featured the largest selection of Plein Sud, a designer brand I love and have trouble finding in Tokyo. I picked up this beautiful Plein Sud leather corset and wore it during my trip to Mykonos. See how I styled it below:

Paired this corset with my the Attico heels, and a skirt I bought in an Urban Outfitters in Paris!

Honorable Mention: Amethyst

Speaking of Mykonos, I wanted to include this amazing jewelry store I found while I was there. It is called Amethyst, and they specialize in handcrafted silver and gold jewelry. They also sell crystals and stones. I went there 3 out of the 5 days I was in Greece and bought a new piece each day! If I ever go back to Mykonos, this will be my first destination. The address is Kalogera 34, N, Mikonos 846 00, Greece. Please note they only sell their jewelry in their physical locations and do not have an online store.

So these were the main vintage shops I got to see during my time in Paris (and Mykonos). I would highly recommend giving them all a try. Stay tuned for my next shopping guide for London!


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Jan 22

Beautiful style! Helped me find some stores for my Paris trip next month as well!

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