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Travel: Taketomi Island

On my last day in Okinawa, just a few hours before my flight back to Tokyo, I decided to visit one last island. Located 15 minutes by ferry from Ishigakijima, Taketomi makes a great day or even half ay trip and you can literally walk across the whole island in less than an hour.

I took a 30 minute walk to Kondoi, the only beach on the island. I am very glad I did because it is quite possibly the most beautiful beach I have ever seen, at least since living in Japan.

I spent a few hours reading, eating shaved ice and walking across the sand before heading back to the port to get ready for my flight to Tokyo.

saw this school on the way to the beach! Isn't it so cute 😍

the water was the clearest i've ever seen in Japan

please ignore my horrible nails.

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