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The Rihanna Edit: Vintage Bag Edition

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

You know what I love? I love how frequently Rihanna has been seen wearing some of the most classic designer handbags. I mean the variety?- chefs kiss.

From the Fendi baguette, to the timeless Gucci monogrammed handbag from the Tom Ford era, here are some of my favorite vintage handbag moment from the fashion mogul herself:

The Fendi Tote Bag

Rihanna with her Fendi tote bag! As far as sourcing goes, these are quite popular and I see many sizes and colors available. Please see the options below!



The Dior Bowling Bag

I am a big fan of this camouflage bowling bag and was so excited to find the exact same one! This is such a rare piece and though the current Dior has its own take on camo, I don't think we will ever see this classic style ever again.

$1600, a bargain!

The Fendi Croissant

So sad I could not find a good picture of Ri weaing this Fendi croissant bag but there is an example below (unfortunately already sold, they are quite popular in the Japan vintage market!) These vintage bags have some of the highest resale values, coming in at an average of $2300!

not available anymore but such a beauty!

The Gucci Bamboo Bag

I was really glad to have found Rihanna wearing vintage Tom Ford Gucci and even happier to have an almost identical bag while sourcing! The difference is that the handle on Ri's bag s metala

and the one sourced by KO Vintage is bamboo!


The Fendi Baguette

Oh the Fendi baguette (she loves her vintage Fendi), a staple in any vintage designer archivist closet. Especially this beautiful beaded version Rihanna is wearing! The great thing about the Fendi baguette is that they have a wide range of prices based on the material it is made of, with beaded ones being more expensive and cloth or faux fur being on the more affordable side!


The Dior Boston Bag

The Dior Boston bag, one of the best bag for travel, demonstrated here by Rihanna! I found a very similar version but this one has the gold 'D' hardware, which I think is a nice detail.


The Art Piece

Just an honorable mention since there was no way in hell I was gonna be able to find anything close to this coveted bag Rihanna has been seen wearing numerous times- The limited edition Frank Gehry collaboration with Louis Vuitton released in 2014 (so technically not vintage ahaha). Those who know me I am not a big LV fan (with the exception of the Takashi Murakami collaboration in 2001), but this bag is a work of art LITERALLY.

I hope to own it one day 🥺

Well thats all for now! If you are interested in any of the bags seen in this edit, please don't hesitate to DM me on the KO Vintage Instagram or send me an email at

Which celebrity vintage enthusiast should I cover next? Suggestions please!



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