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The "It-girl" conversation and my thoughts

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Hey guys, so I wanna start taking the blog more seriously and posting more often and just talking my shit you know? I sometimes have anxiety on how I'm perceived and I know many people on the internet live for negativity and to bring you down to their level, but I'm letting that fear go and focus on speaking my mind more to my readers, because what I have to say is important!

Anyway, I'll begin with this conversation I saw begin on Twitter about who is an IT girl and who isn't and how so many people are copying the same aesthetic in order to be perceived as one.

Let me start by saying I do not think I am an IT girl LOL. I am not writing this because I feel personally attacked.

Okay, now that thats out of the way I'm going to give the definition courtesy of urban dictionary of what an IT girl is:

The "It Girl" is the girl that EVERYONE wants to be. She has everything that you want so you tend to envy her. She does all the things that you can't do so you grow to hate her. Being an "It Girl" is having the latest shits, (the best clothing and always stays fly) and the prettiest face. Her attitude can be fucked up or perfect like her looks. Her presence is always appreciated, ALL the guys Want her and ALL the girls want to be her!

Sasha is the new "It Girl" How cool!

by Natiya July 28, 2006

First off I think this is pretty accurate, and may I say I find it hilarious that this definition was written in 2006 hahaha.

But this rings true, it's the girl with the best clothes, lifestyle, image and usually physical beauty on top of that. Some current examples in media rn are Bella Hadid, Jayda Cheaves, Rihanna (she's been on but still maintaining to this day), Taylor Russell, Chloe Sevigny (an oldie but goodie) and Kylie Jenner.

These women are all examples of rich influential and fashion forward people who the general population want to look like and dress like. I don't necessarily think it is bad to take inspiration from these public figures and want to dress like them. What is troubling is planning every move you make based on the influence of these celebrities.

There are many girls out there who will only buy what their favorite influencer is wearing, or feel the need to buy an item they are peddling. Could it be because they actually like the product? Sure, could be. But I do feel that many young people have this pressure to "stand out", or "be that girl", to be the envy of their peers and seek out certain material items to be perceived as an IT girl.

What's the problem with that? If everyone is an IT girl, then no one is, right? If everyone wants to have the same clothes, the same hair, the same body type as these few celebrities we currently have in rotation, then where does that leave us? No originality, no being organically YOU.

I don't want you guys to think I'm being preachy because I have DEFINITELY done this in the past: letting certain public figures influence me into buying something that definitely isn't my style '(but thats what Depop is for I guess).

I even see it in the vintage resell market: certain items are sought after not because of their design or beauty but because someone famous wore it first. It shows in how resell price shoot up right after a prominent influencer is seen wearing it. But did you really want that Vivienne Tam top before you saw it on an episode of Euphoria?

Anyway everyone can buy what they want, it is just my opinion. I feel we should focus more on looking inward, finding your identity and style from within and taking outside influences with a grain of salt. Be your own girl, not the IT girl.

If you read this to the end, love you and thanks for believing in my writing.

What's next for the blog? Definitely need to upload my review of my Eurotrip and share photos soon, so stay tuned!


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2 comentários

Lola Faleti
Lola Faleti
02 de nov. de 2022

I loved reading this! I also agree - instead of worrying about how you’re perceived by others, you can be your own “It Girl” by leaning into your authentic style and presenting in a way that makes you feel your best. I find that a lot of folks who have that “je ne sais quoi” are those who are unabashedly themselves!

Uzochi Okoronkwo
Uzochi Okoronkwo
05 de nov. de 2022
Respondendo a

Totally agree, being yourself is half the battle into becoming your own it girl! Thanks for your comment Lola!

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