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Places to Visit: MAKI

Yesterday I had a great day with my friend Zura where we went to Shinagawa, a city in Tokyo known for its business infrastructure and its proximity to the water.

We went to TY Harbour, aptly named for its views of the Shinagawa Seaside, and though it was a gloomy day, I enjoyed the atmosphere of the restaurant and regret taking more pictures inside.

After lunch, we went to MAKI, an art gallery I have seen circulating on Instagram, and I knew I had to visit.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out the gallery entrance fee was FREE and that there was actually quite a bit of art on display.

One of my favorite parts of this gallery was the back entrance.

outfit details:

Top: Pleats Please sourced by KO Vintage (archive)

Skirt: Harley Davidson sourced by KO Vintage

Boots: Alexander Wang

Necklace: Jean Paul Gaultier x Swarovski sourced by KO Vintage (archive)



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