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Outfit Journal: busy sourcing and shopping

This week has been spent sourcing some amazing pieces for KO Vintage 2nd drop and I have found some great things for my closet too.

Like I said in my closet journey post, I have been really immersed and redoing my closet and adding statement pieces to it. This has also given me time to take things out which I previously loved but haven't been reaching for as much.

I also have had time to think about what kind of items I will source after analyzing the data from Drop 1. A lot of things I thought would sell didn't seem to be interesting to everyone who visited the site (I get it, the vintage Balenciaga motorcycle is not your taste 😭) so my strategy moving forward will be first sticking to items I like (I like to think I have good taste) in the case no one buys it, I can wear it myself.

I also think less is more and I want to do less items but higher quality, more rare items. I think ideally moving forward I will only have 15 things max at a time to sell giving it more of a curated feel. Sourcing is fun and all but not sustainable or affordable if I cant move the product.

Anyway, I feel really good about this 2nd drop (date is TBD but stay tuned!) and i am really satisfied with the pieces I have sourced so far and if worst come to worst I will have some additional pieces in my closet. Of course my main purpose to share these items with my fashion babes all over the world (yes we have international shipping!) so I hope you find something you like this time around.

And with that here is a sneak peek of something that will be featured in Drop 2, this awesome D&G paint splattered mini skirt!

Outfit details:

Jacket: Roberto Cavalli sourced by KO Vintage (KO archive, not for sale)

Skirt: Dolce and Gabanna sourced by KO Vintage (coming drop 2)

Boots: Zara

Shirt: Jean Paul Gaultier

I want to hear from everyone who reads this what vintage designer item you are DYING to own. Leave a comment below! Ill start: Jean Paul Gaultier cursive logo sunglasses.


Uzochi ❤️

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