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Hey guys! I felt like writing this blog post to update you on KO, and also what I've been up to, with accompanying photos!

So I got a new couch, its actually my dream sofa, a Ligne Roset Togo sofa! I have been eyeing this sofa for a while and finally found the color I wanted and for a very reasonable price.

I also spotted this side table by furniture designer Pascal Mourgue and got it after thinking about it nonstop for a week. Checked on Yahoo auctions and it was still there, so it was a sign it should be in my home.

The National Art Center Tokyo.

Went to go see the Louvre exhibition in the National Art Center in Tokyo. A bunch of paintings from the famous French museum were flown in and many people were in attendance which was a bit disappointing. Couldn't see much and I am not fond of going to museums when there are too many people there so it was a bit annoying.

Lunch before the museum was at Mercer Brunch House, the location in Roppongi. Everything on this plate was absolutely delicious!
My museum outfit: Blazer dress- Danielle Guizio, Bag- Chanel

Did a bit of window shopping at Estanation, my favorite place to see the latest designer items being released. Really love those corn yellow mules from Bottega!

When I buy a home, the first thing being purchased is a gorgeous Persian rug.

I've been working a lot and actually have a work trip in a couple of days in Sapporo! A few days after that, I go to Seoul for a few days of shopping and relaxation! I will make sure to compile a lsit of vintage stores '(and any other dope places I find) just in case you are thinking of making a trip there.

going to give the embodiment of summer in this secret location I'll be going to on my Europe trip. Pucci will be worn, Aperol Spritzes will be poured. Can you guess where it is?

THEN a week after I get back to Seoul begins my 1 month vacation in Europe! Honestly going to Europe was the highlight of my 2022 year and I am so excited to be going again for a whole month this time! Some of the cities I will be visiting include London, Amsterdam, Munich, Paris and one other special destination that I am going to keep secret for now. I am securing Emilio Pucci pieces for this specific location, can you guess where it is?

As for KO, no more stock (most likely) will be added until I get back in mid-June. Story sales will slow down as the countdown to my trip gets closer, but I will be quick to share any amazing finds I come across to you guys. I do miss having physical stock in my online shop, so I think when i come back I will stock a few items and see how it goes. If they sell quickly, I'll be more likely to stock the online shop more frequently for those who are not fond of the story sales.

I'll announce officially on Instagram and Twitter when the shop will close for the month.

Looking forward to sharing my travels, outfits and shopping guides with you very soon!



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