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I Quit My Job: Why it was my (2nd) best decision of the year

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Do you ever feel a tightness in your chest from being in a space where you feel so uncomfortable, that focusing and doing your job becomes impossible?

This is how I felt about my job which I just quit today!

I have not felt this relieved since before COVID. I know being in a work environment where you feel isolated, and unheard is the fastest way to a mental breakdown, which I definitely was on the verge of.

Luckily I realized I could not continue on and now that I am free from my mental prison, I have more time to do things I love, like sourcing for KO Vintage, reading, traveling and trying new restaurants of course.

I am happy that I have a month to relax and regroup and even though my ending at my job was not so good, I look forward to my new opportunity coming in the next couple of months and continuing to grow my business acumen.

I went to a new restaurant in Yoyogi Uehara to celebrate, and the food and atmosphere was great. Its called Brutto, definitely give it a try if you are in the area. Make sure to call ahead and make reservations as seating there is limited.

Oh and if you are wondering what my #1 best decision was this year so far? Starting KO Vintage, duh. Still learning how to be my own boss and so thankful I had the courage to start this because it honestly gave me the strength to walk out today without any regrets.

For those who are going through the thoughts that come with deciding whether or not to leave a toxic work situation: I hope this helps you to make your decision.



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