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Event: Vueve Clicquot Exhibition at jing.

Another exciting exhibition held at jing., an event space in the heart of Harajuku that’s within viewing distance from the station.

I’m not much of a champagne drinker. In fact, I have a couple of bottles in my apartment sitting there because I can never find an occasion to drink at home (it’s not really my thing).

But what I really do love about the Clicquot brand is the aesthetic and branding they employ in order to hook in more customers, some that may not even consume champagne regularly, but are looking for a special bottle when they do.

The folks who set up this installation outdid themselves with many pieces of the brands history including the different bottle dating back to the 19th century, artifacts and ledgers from the brand infancy and cool novelty items. Check out some of the photos I took below!

The exhibition is open until July 10th, make sure to have a look if you can!


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