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Chanel Bag Reveal!

So I bought my first Chanel bag, ahhhhhhh!!!!! buying a Chanel bag is a big milestone in any fashion girls journey and it took me a while (28 years) to finally pull the trigger on one.

Living in Japan is great because you have access to many Chanel handbags, and at amazing prices compared to other global markets such as the United States or Europe.

This is also means that it is difficult to decide on just one, as there are so many options and it's big decision to make. Having too many options just complicates this decision.

The way this bag came into my life is kind of unorthodox. I remember being on my explore page and seeing a post from influencer and brand owner Raven Tracy. It was a post about some new items that she had purchased and in the carousel I saw the most interesting Chanel bag I'd ever laid my eyes on:

After seeing it, I immediately went searching online, and saw most were already sold or too expensive (there is one going for $2700 on 1stDibs in a cream color way). I said then and there, if I see this bag again, I'm not going to hesitate to buy it.

That was about two or three weeks ago. Fast forward to a few days ago, as I am doing my weekly search for affordable Chanel bags (for me this means under $1000) and look what I found:

I physically gasped not only because I didn't expect to find this bag so soon, but also at the price. My budget for my first Chanel bag was going to be double what I paid for this one, so I pulled the trigger without hesitation.

I am happy with the condition and its debut was this past weekend , when I flew to Fukuoka for a business trip.

Doesn't she look cute?

Anyway, I'm finally back and story sales will resume soon.

Everyone have a great day!


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