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Birthday Blog!

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

So I am just writing this post about my birthday (which was August 21st, go Leos!) because I have been busy for the last few days with moving to my new apartment! I will definitely be doing an apartment tour once we have gotten all of our furnishings together!

Anyway, back to the bday festivities. My birthday has always been a source of unhappiness for me because of how in the past I felt some friends never showed up for me when it came time for my special day or something bad always happened on my birthday. I was expecting the same this year but was pleasantly surprised by how fulfilled and happy I felt on my birthday. I want to thank everyone for the well wishes and for those who contributed to making my day phenomenal. Here's what I got into for my bday weekend:

First off, I am so happy my birthday fell on a Saturday which meant I could have the whole weekend to celebrate!

We started off by going to the TeamLab Planets exhibit in Odaiba. I had been to the first TeamLab museum which is still in operation today, but this relatively new one, I had not had a chance to go till my birthday. It was such an amazing experience with lots of beautiful and interactive exhibits!

Afterwards we checked into the Hilton in Odaiba and were very disappointed at the service we had at dinner. Sometimes in Japan you find that because you are a foreigner, you may get subpar service because people think you will not have the Japanese skill to complain. Luckily my boyfriend is very fluent in Japanese and gave them a piece of our mind for forgetting we didn't order pork, not giving us water which everyone else had and not giving us an umbrella when every other table had one (and it was raining). We got a free comp breakfast and pool access for our troubles.

After that walked around the shopping malls a bit, ate lunch and then went home.

The next night, my friends and I went out to Ce La Vi Tokyo to celebrate. I recommend this place for good food, atmosphere and an overall Instagrammable location. The views are the best you can get of the Shibuya cityscape!

We then went to SG Club, one of the only bars in Shibuya thumbing their nose at the strict 8 pm lockdown curfew that is in place now. I had an interesting cocktail which came equipped with a life-sized umbrella and spoonfuls of pineapple to go along with my rum.

Overall I had a blast and I am so thankful to everyone who made my bday so fun.



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