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Bag of the moment: The Fendi Baguette

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

I've been getting a lot of inquiries about Fendi baguettes lately and it led me to go on a virtual window shopping spree to find the rarest and most beautiful ones in Tokyo. Here are some of the ones I found!

Like with all of my posts everything is available for sale and I can procure all of these bags for you but please note that prices will range between $850-1400. These ain't cheap!

Without further ado let's get to the bags!

This tiger print is my personal fave and I am thinking about getting it for myself 😭 but I need to save for my impending trip to Seoul and a bag purchase like this wouldn't be the best decision. Would love it if one of my customers could have it instead!

Absolutely sublime and in gorgeous condition. It's one of the most unique bags I've seen, full stop. My favorite thing about this bag is how the tuft of hair partially obscures the Fendi logo hardware.

This bag reminds me of the beach- it literally looks like pink coral you can see while snorkeling in an exotic location.

The most intricate (and expensive) of the bunch. I love it when bags have parts that hang off the main body and this bag definitely has that element.

This baguette is very cool because it includes the lesser known Fendi animal print pattern (let's be honest we all think Zucca first when we think Fendi print). The beaded detail on top alongside the croc effect fastener just makes it look even better.

Simple, chic, timeless. Sometime you just want reliable and sturdy bag. This one is made of leather and can step up to the role of an everyday handbag!

Can you imagine this with an all black leather outfit? Gaggggged.

This one isn't vintage but I really love how rich this red looks. It's so striking and makes this the perfect choice to dress up a simple outfit.

Prices upon request. Thanks for reading 🥂


Update: the 1st, 3rd, 5th and the 8th ones have been sold!

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