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A day of self care

Do you ever crave a day with beautiful weather, planned around visiting a new restaurant and carefree leisurely shopping?

Today I manifested it with a visit to Two Rooms, a restaurant bar located in Omotesando complete with views of the city.

Tbh, I will give the food a B-, wasn't terrible but nothing to write home about.

The bellini was hittin though.

Glasses are still available on the shop guys!

me dreaming about the outfits I will wear on my next vacation.

Stopped by Aesop to replenish my skincare. I think I have found my product line for life and don't feel the need to experiment anymore. Seriously, using these is the softest my skin has ever been.

I picked up my usuals, the Fabulous Face Cleanser and Camellia Nut Facial Cream.

Tomorrow I am off for another day of exploration and will try another new restaurant! I am hoping for similar views and better food this time.

I will be sure to document it in my next blog post!



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