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What’s in my bag?

I saw this trend on Twitter and fell in love! Women posting their bags and the contents of them.

It gives people a chance to see a peek into your life, what essential items you use on a daily basis and what you absolutely can't leave the house without.

To me, this kind of content is very interesting so I wanted to participate!

Here are some example I saw on Twitter below, along with Twitter handles!



couldn't find this ones @ unfortunately!



Now that we have a few examples in mind, it's time to see whats in my bag!

First off, I wanted to start by using my most used and practical bag, my Dior Speedway saddle bag. It is spacious (relative to my other purses) and works with many different looks.

Inside is:

- Wallet

- Airpods


-Lip balm

-Lip liner

- a bandaid

- pack of gum

- a mirror

- my keys

-a Japanese fan


-Hand cream

What are some essential items you keep in your bag? Feel free to comment!


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