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The Rise (and downfall) of the IG Influencer Boutiques: My Thoughts

Was on Twitter today and heard some chatter about how a certain IG influencer has been called out again for not shipping orders for months. I don't want to name names because people be suing and I'm not here to tear anyone down, only to discuss this very interesting topic.

Many women are upset at her lack of customer service, and are peeved at her and her team for deleting comments about orders they've been waiting on for 3 months.

I've seen this trend many times before- lit and pretty influencer makes a brand, it becomes hugely successful and then the cracks start to show once customers who are brave enough, speak out about their horrible shopping experiences.

But still, there will be people still clamoring to buy from these influencers and why? This is my theory:

Women see the way these IG "designers" (can you call them that?) live: the luxury clothes, the famous friends, the beautiful condos. They want to live vicariously through them so they buy their defective products and deal with the rude customer service that comes along with it. They want to feel as luxurious, pampered and beautiful as these business owners appear on social media and that is what gets them to open their wallets.

I have to go with this line of thinking because why else would you shop with a brand that has a reputation for shipping orders months after payment and/or delivering subpar items?

I really do believe that the most important thing in running a small business is of course good and useful products. Products that not only fulfill a use but make the customer feel good after purchasing.

But what it seems that is being prioritized in these small fashion boutiques is the owners image. The fancy lifestyle and their appearance directly correlates to sales. This is dangerous because it allows naive and vulnerable people to look up to these women (usually who they look nothing like and have nothing in common with) and blindly buy their products.

I also have to say this although I can never say whats in peoples head: these brand owners do not give two shits about you once your money is in their pocket, real talk. Do what you will with that info.

My advice? read reviews, talk to people who have shopped with these boutiques in the past, then make a decision if the potential risk is worth it. But always buy product that makes you feel good and not because you think it will make you someone or something that you're not.


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