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The Old Celine Edit; 13 pieces from the beloved Phoebe Philo era

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

When I first heard the term "Old Celine" I thought it was reserved for Celine from a much older era of the fashion house. I soon found out this term was reserved for the iconic run of Phoebe Philo at Celine, where the apostrophe mark made a comeback and the simplicity and comfort in women's fashion was at the forefront.

Philo's tenure at Celine was exactly 10 years, from 2008-2018, and in that 10 year period, she managed to capture the hearts of fashionistas everywhere with her take on the long wool coat, interesting shoe design that didn't sacrifice comfort and understated yet must have jewelry. Her departure from Celine also led to her pieces skyrocketing in price, with some of the most coveted and expensive being the ID choker, the Pirate sandal (especially in pink- if you guys are here for those, sorry to disappoint you lmao) and the egg coat.

I of course did my digging for some Old Celine for KO Vintage and found some great pieces. Like I stated above, they are not cheap and are still in high demand so the prices reflect that.

Okay, now on to the pieces:

The 'P' Letter pendant, $790

These letter pendants have been knocked off hundreds of times but a pro can always spot which is real or fake. This pendant of course is engraved with the Celine logo and comes with a box and dust bag.

The Cage Sandal, size 39, $1000

I think the second most recognizable Old Celine shoe is this cage (I know its not the name, can someone help me out please?) sandal, which I have sourced in black. A size 39, which will fit a size 8.5-9 US. If you are a 9.5 or 10 these aren't gonna fit!

The Black Sunglasses, $265

I am giving these away for cheap because the sourcing price is low, but I do have access to a couple of more, and the next batch will be WAY more expensive in the future, just a note. These are unisex, so men feel free to pick these up for yourself!

The Knot Bracelet in silver, $300

This knot bracelet is a very simple piece of jewelry that can be paired with other bracelets. They are still being sold at the current Celine (without the apostrophe mark), for a price of $415 each.

The Brown Leather Sandals, size 40, $365

I am not sure the name of this shoe but its a size 40 (for reference, I have a pair of Old Celine Pirates and they are size 40 and fit perfectly. my size is 9.5 for sandals).

The Aviator, $220

These unique sunglasses are unisex as well!

The Knit, $400

Also something I found out: RTW is more expensive than shoes and sunglasses to source. They do not play about their Old Celine garments, and many were just too expensive for me to source and give away for an affordable price. I guess the reasoning behind this is because people really felt Philo wasn't going to come back into her designing bag for a while so most are clinging to their RTW for dear life. One thing I did see was this unique tie up top that you can play around with when it comes to styling! It is a size medium.

The Playful Sunglasses, $370

Such a gorgeous color and a nice pop of color to add to your black or monochrome outfit!

The Dress, size 36 (size US6), $325

This dress is made of denim and best fits a size 4 or 6! I also have it in a size 34, but the sourcing price is higher and costs $400.

The Ruby Crystal Earrings, $850

I was most surprised by the price of these while sourcing. I didn't expect them to be this much but check out this identical pair on grailed if you don't believe these are the actual resale price.

The Trapeze Bag, $1500

If you want to bring yourself back to the nostalgic times that are 2014 where literally everyone had an iteration of this bag, be my guest with the well preserved trapeze bag. I also have it in a royal blue for the same price!

The Clear Boot, $620

for the risk taker who doesn’t worry about foot fog.

The silk shirt, size 34, $550

A true beauty in rare form.

Okay so I hoped you enjoyed going through this curated list and found something that you like! If there is any piece you are looking to make yours, please promptly send me a DM on IG (@ko_vintagetokyo) for the fastest response or an email to Of course more photos are available for all pieces shown so please ask to see them!

Thanks for reading!



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