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The wait is over.

We are live!

I want to thank everyone who visited the site whether it is to make a purchase, read a blog post or to just take a look.

This is not about making money for me, but is more of an artistic project and above anything I enjoy doing this and it brings me great happiness that I can share my hobby with women all over the world.

I am very grateful for my situation and that I am able to do this type of work, and I will continue to improve- branding (someone help y'all), visuals, sourcing, errythang!

For now, please enjoy these pieces sourced by yours truly, and please also take advantage of the items on sale too!

Thank you everyone so much, my heart is so full right now ❤️



Founder, KO Vintage

Outfit details:

Jacket: Issey Miyake

Skirt: APC

Watch: YSL sourced by KO Vintage

Shoes: Old Celine sourced by KO Vintage

Necklace: Swarovski x Jean Paul Gaultier

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