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Keep your coins: How to make your clothes pay for themselves

I am writing this blog post because it occurred to me that it might help people to become more intentional in their shopping and also make some money off of their own wardrobes.

Outside of rent, I would say I spend the most monthly on clothing (yes, even more than food 😅). Whenever I tell my mom about the new piece I just bought and mention the price, the traditional African mom jumps out and says "why do you spend 1k on common handbag?" first I chuckle a bit, and then I explain to her why.

That 1k handbag is an investment and will one day pay for itself and then some. It is when I began to think like this, is when I began to buy my clothing in a strategic way and saw my bank account first staying stable, then soon rising. All from reselling and buying clothes. I am going to give some pointers in this post so stay tuned for more information.

- Avoid Fast Fashion.

I know I have said this many time is you've read my past blog posts, but I'll say it again. Fast fashion does not hold its value and once you buy it, it essentially becomes worthless. This is not to hurt anyone's feelings its just the honest truth. If you find yourself always without cash with a closet full of clothes you don't even wear, you might want to pay attention to this point.

This dress was a moment and yes its from Zara. Perfect example of a smart fast fashion purchase (many pictures being taken, for a special occasion)

- Buy premium.

This next point is a rebuttal to those who may say "I cannot afford luxury items. I can only buy what I can afford". That is definitely true and I'm here to tell you I don't just have luxury in my closet. I would say its is a healthy mix of designer, vintage and a few fast fashion pieces. What to focus on is a few premium pieces of clothing that will not only last you a longer time but also will be able to be resold once it has run its course in your closet. Some examples of premium brands that fetch a lot on the resell market include Aritzia, Brandy Melville, Coach, and APC.

My trusty APC snakeskin handbag that I got of course secondhand. I have had it for almost 4 years and is the perfect bag for travel/day trips.

-List things before you are ready to sell.

To make your cycle of buying to selling quicker I suggest listing items for sale before you are completely over them. Now this will include things you are starting to get tired of but still find yourself reaching for occasionally. In my experience, when I start to feel indifferent towards an item, if I wait to long to list it, I will get tired of it and it will tempt me to just give it away instead of waiting for it to get sold. Do yourself a favor and put it up for sale if you find yourself falling out of love with it.

I just haven't been reaching for my Margiela Platform Tabis as much so I am thinking of selling them...

- Measure everything before posting.

Something that can delay your clothing from being sold is not being clear about the sizing in the description. It can be the difference between an immediate purchase and someone losing interest because they don't want to wait for you to respond to their inquiry about sizing. Make the extra effort and include the information while you are uploading the pictures on the site.

- Always look for end of season sales when buying luxury.

You will be surprised at some of the bargains you can find during sale time on the luxury online retailers. Some things can be going for as much as 70% off so always check to see if your favorite item from last season is significantly marked down during this time. Bonus points if it is an item that was previously sold out or has been seen on the most stylish women in fashion. In this case you can almost guarantee to make your money back or even make a profit! Some of the best sales are on Net-a-porter, SSENSE, and Mytheresa.

If you see it in your size and its a bargain, BUY. These MM6 boots I got for about $250 on and sold them for $550!

- Bonus Tip: Buy KO Vintage.

LOL shameless plug, but I do believe KO prices are very fair (main point here isn't to get rich, but to get dope shit out to the people who want it.)

We will be dropping new stuff soon, but feel free to browse the things on sale right now!

I hope these tips help in getting one step closer to making your closet your very own investment account.

Thanks for reading!



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