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Journal: Do (and buy) things that make you happy

Today I stayed home most of the day but felt an urge to go out and explore a bit.

I went to a flower shop I always pass in favor of a cheaper option nearby. I decided to splurge a bit and bought a more expensive bouquet (¥2200 to be exact!). This place also doubles as a cafe so next time I want to come back for flowers and a cup of chai (Tokyo girlies lemme know if you wanna come too!)

I then visited this amazing furniture store called Graphio/buro-stil and saw this AMAZING Danny Lee glass chair. Its actually less expensive then I would think (¥165,000 including tax), and I so desperately want to take it home with me, but have no where to put it and it wouldn't go with my current apartment theme.

guyssss look at this 😩

By the way, I was thinking of doing an apartment tour since I have mostly finished decorating. It would be short, since my apartment isn't so big. I would also talk about the cost of renting in Tokyo and what fees you have to pay to secure an apartment. Comment down below if you want to see an apartment tour from me!

I passed the Medicom Toy office and saw these cut figurines out front. They are famous for these bear shaped toys which are used as home decor by many people. Check out their website for their variety of pieces! (This one is so fucking dope!)

By the way, The Summer Edit will be launching this week Friday at 9PM JST (8 AM EST for my American friends) so stay tuned for what will be on sale! These Gucci mules will be making an appearance 😎.

picked up this cute little knick knack at Graphio, you can wind it up and it moves around your room!


Goodnight everyone!



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That cafe looks so cute! Please drop the name, I think everyone deserves to buy themselves overpriced flowers every now and again. - Umichii_

Uzochi Okoronkwo
Uzochi Okoronkwo
May 16, 2021
Replying to

Sure! It’s called 終日 One in Yoyogi Uehara!

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