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How to keep your wardrobe fresh

Something I enjoy doing is cleaning out my closet. Believe it or not I really have on average less clothing than the average woman my age (I'm 28). There is something about having a curated wardrobe with the essentials, a few splurge pieces, 1 or 2 trendy items, what I like to call the "never let go" pieces: things that have longevity and add value to your individual look.

I'm here to share my tips on how to curate a closet that has more value, and most importantly, one you are connected with and proud to open every day. Lets start off with my favorite one: the purge.

1. Purge. Frequently.

Probably the most important thing on this list. In order to have an optimal wardrobe you must get rid of things at least bi-annually. Personally, I clean out my closet quarterly, but to each his own. I also think as you go along and get more in harmony with your style, you will have to do this less frequently. This is your chance to get rid of any old/stretched out clothes, sell any designer pieces you don't reach for anymore, and contemplate what pieces to make your next year.

2. Put items on wishlist regardless of price.

The point is you just never know you'll bump into a good sale, or luck out at a thrift store. These pricey items can also serve as inspiration on how you want your closet to look in the next 2, 5, or even 10 years. What's currently on my wishlist? A vintage Fendi mini croissant bag, a fire Ancuta Sarca heel and a Nensi Dojaka dress (the latter of which I just checked off my list!)

3. Mix it up with vintage, fast fashion and designer

My recommended scale is 60% vintage/secondhand/consignment, 30% designer, and 10% fast fashion. Now this percentage will depend on many things: budget, what you personally lean towards with your own style, etc. Just make sure you're not limited to buying too many of one of these categories, as it can limit what looks you can put together.

4. Always be inspired by the past and present.

A lot of people don't read or study fashion and I completely there are more important things going on in the world than the latest Diesel collection or who the new CD at Ferragamo. Finding inspiration through magazines, watching fashion shows, going to art museums or any way that you prefer is a way to add to your style IQ, or what you already know about your personal style. It is also good to be exposed to new pretty things so theres that. I get most of my fashion news from Twitter where there is a collection of fashion enthusiasts coined "hf Twitter" and they honestly do a better job of profiling up and coming designers and trends better than some of the large publications.

5. If it's a good price, just buy it.

This one will save you a lot of heartbreak. If you come across a really good sale or vintage piece at a bargain price BUY IT. Don't hesitate. This takes me back to when I waited too long to buy a pair of Galliano era Dior leather boots in my size (EU40, one of the hardest sizes to source in Japan) for $400 They were gone and I was crushed and I still think about those boots to this day!

Moral of the story: Don't wait on what you know is destiny or a good deal on designer.

Sound off in the comments: what are your tips for curating the closet of your dreams?


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