Gucci Bag Edit: Affordable edition

Soooo I haven’t made an edit in a while due to traveling and all types of other life things, but I wanted to bring it back!

Of course designer vintage can cost a lot and my goal has always been to have the most affordable pricing I can have while still maintaining my business.

I decided to dive into vintage Gucci bags and compile a list of bags all under $350. Please browse below the four bags I curated for this list and inquire about any of these on either the KO Vintage IG (through DM) or an email to

Happy browsing!

Absolutely loveeee this one! Comes with an inner pouch as well but the translucent look is to die for and the pouch is detachable! Price: $345

This monogram beauty is the perfect everyday bag! Measuring 14x25 cm it’s a nice medium size that can fit all your essentials. Price: $295

A Gucci pouchette, perfect small bag for summer occasions. This one is in amazing condition with minimal corner damage and the zipper is still in tact. Price: $235

I really like this silhouette of Gucci bag and did my best to find an affordable one in good condition. With the exception of the strap, which is pretty damaged, the rest of the bag is in really good condition, the inside is immaculate. More photos to follow for those who are really interested in this bag! Price: $180

Please reach out to me to view more photos of any of these bags if you are interested in purchasing. Everyone have a great day 😊


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