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Event: Dioriviera Cosmetics

Today I went to the Dioriviera cosmetics event which was to commemorate their Dioriviera fragrance.

In the venue you could try on all Dior fragrances, lipglosses, makeup and even smell their candles (which I didn't know they made lol).

There was also an ice cream shop set up outside that was cury decorated with the signature Dior giraffe and lion.

The event was completely free but you had to sign up and reserve a time slot in advanced.

It was a really cute event where you could take pictures which is why I put on my Attico heels and a cute outfit and took a couple of nice pics!

Outfit details:

  • Skirt: Hysteric Glamour

  • Shoes: the Attico

  • Top: custom Issey Miyake

  • Sunglasses: Paco Rabanne

  • Bag: Dior

  • Jewelry: various places in Europe

Today was The last day of the event and I'm really glad I caught it before it closed! It gave me a reason to put a fit together, smell some nice perfumes and go outside during this really nice day!

More pictures below!

Also wanted to say I'm really excited about Tuesday's restock! Still taking photos of items because I also have a lot of things from my closet I went to sell (non vintage, mostly designer items I don't wear).

I think in total I will have about 40 new items of my website for sale including these items from my closet.

See y'all in a few days!



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